Are you a business owner or self-employed, and the numbers of your business are out of control?

¡Empower yourself financially and achieve your financial freedom!

Because I believe in you, I would like to help you achieve your financial freedom!

Let's talk about business in a female

Would you like to achieve your financial freedom? But you lack financial planning for your business, don’t know how much you earn, face unexpected expenses, and are unaware of the profitability of your products or services.

Moreover, you feel stressed about money and lack financial control over your business. No matter how much you work, the profits are not what you desire.

I understand how you feel; I have helped many women in the same situation.

Did you know that I can assist you?

I’m Elisabet RD, a finance doctor and coach with over 30 years of experience in teaching and researching financial education and business topics.

With the program THE BIZ.FINLLIGENT WOMAN, I help you organize your finances to save, reduce expenses, live stress-free regarding finances, and grow your business. So you can achieve the desired peace and security.

In addition, I work with the unique and innovative KABAS@ methodology that allows you to:

  1. Develop healthy financial habits to keep your business finances in shape.
  2. Enhance your financial intelligence to make better business decisions.
  3. Create a new mindset focused on wealth to successfully empower yourself financially and your business.

What is preventing you from achieving your financial freedom?

Being a business owner or self-employed can often make you feel alone, and there’s never enough time to focus on the numbers. Does the following sound familiar to you?

I get stressed just thinking about numbers

I don't understand finance, but I know that I need to learn the basics to have a profitable long-term business.

The finances of my business are out of control

Everything seems too complex to me. I don't know how much I earn per year. I don't know how to create reports that would help me make optimal decisions.

I don't know which products or services are profitable

Knowing the profitability of the products or services we sell is essential to make money and define marketing strategies correctly.

My personal and professional bank accounts are the same

I started my business using my personal account, and I never have time to organize and change it

I don't have a financial plan. There are always unexpected expenses

I would like to have a financial budget for my business to know what expenses and income I have each month, but I don't even know where to start.

I have a scarcity mindset

I settle for a low salary. I find it difficult to raise prices. I'm afraid of not selling enough.

Who I am

I am Elisabet Ruiz-Dotras, a finance doctor and coach.

I am a professor, researcher, and international speaker. I am a regular contributor to the media, sharing insights on financial topics and business.

I define myself as a finance enthusiast who loves sharing knowledge to make life easier for others.

After more than 30 years in academia, I felt the need to share my expertise in a different way, in a much more personal and needs-oriented manner.

Being a firm believer in continuous learning and personal growth has brought me to this point in my life, where transforming your reality and empowering you financially is my life mission.

So that money is not a problem and we can achieve financial freedom.

Because a society with financially empowered women is a more equal and just society.

Media appearances

What is the program

THE BIZ.FINLLIGENT WOMAN is a personalized and individual (1:1) program that helps you effectively organize the finances of your business in a simple and effective manner, so that your company can grow and your money as well. The program goes far beyond financial advice, as it allows you to consciously empower yourself financially by combining tools, content, and a unique methodology tailored to your specific needs and business.

THE BIZ.FINLLIGENT WOMAN aims to make permanent and sustainable changes so that you can develop healthy financial habits for the proper functioning of your business.

THE BIZ.FINLLIGENT WOMAN aims to make permanent and sustainable changes so that you can develop healthy financial habits for the proper functioning of your business.

THE BIZ.FINLLIGENT WOMAN is a personal and unique program that combines my experience as an educator, my knowledge as a finance doctor, and my practice as a mentor and coach.

The program applies the exclusive and innovative KABAS@ methodology that I have designed, inspired by the OECD criteria.

My KABAS@ method focuses on working with 5 basic and necessary elements to ensure permanent and sustainable changes in your business.



I will provide you with simple and essential information about money management and investments to help you learn.


Que vamos a trabajar juntas con distintas sesiones de coaching.We will work together through various coaching sessions to achieve our goals.


Inherited from your parents and environment are beliefs that limit you regarding money. We will identify and transform these beliefs into positive ones that empower you.


Shaped by the relationship you have with money, which originated in your childhood. Together, we will identify the blocks that have been created to build a healthy relationship that allows you to achieve financial freedom.


I will guide you through exercises and various templates to develop your specific case through practice.

What will you achieve at the end of the program

Financial reports that explain how your business is evolving:

The numbers of your business are like a story, but you need to know how to read and understand them. Having clarity about the figures of your business allows you to make optimal decisions for its growth.

A mindset shift:

What we think about money shapes our lives and what we believe we deserve. Changing your mindset will help you improve your relationship with money, value yourself correctly, and grow your business.

A financial plan:

Creating a budget helps you avoid unexpected expenses, plan for savings, and progressively reduce your debt.

Financial organization:

An uncontrolled bank account is a predictable failure for a business. Financial organization will help you understand your reality.

Eliminating the stress and anxiety generated by finances:

Using the right tools for optimal planning.

Analyzing the profitability of your products or services:

Selling or generating income doesn't necessarily mean profitability. Knowing whether the products, projects, or services you sell are profitable or not is the first step for a business to function and grow.

Making investment decisions with confidence:

If we don't understand finance, it's difficult for our business to grow sustainably. It's essential to be able to make investment decisions for long-term growth, with the right information and knowledge.

Reducing expenses:

Together, we will review the expenses of your business and identify which ones can be reduced and which ones can be eliminated.

Tools to empower yourself and take control of your finances:

Through a process of becoming aware of your current situation, I will help you take financial control of your business and improve your current economic situation.

Support throughout the process:

You are not alone, I will accompany you to address any doubts and organize your business finances in an easy and simple way.

What does THE BIZ.FINLLIGENT WOMAN offer you?

To understand the numbers of your business in a simple and straightforward way, to know how your company is performing and how it can improve. Knowledge that I can share with you after more than 30 years as a university finance and business educator with a proven successful pedagogical model.

Helping you maintain order and organization in your bank accounts so that money stops being a source of stress for you. Habits that I have developed through my own learnings and mistakes, which have allowed me to build my own successful business.

To improve the relationship you have with money, which directly affects the growth of your business. Over the years, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experiences, but it wasn’t until I changed my mindset that my world changed. I realized that knowledge and experiences are necessary but not sufficient conditions to achieve financial freedom.

How does it work?

The Biz.Finlligent Woman is an adaptable and personalized program with individual 1:1 coaching, mentoring, and training sessions. The type of session is combined based on your needs. Each session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

Additionally, practical exercises adapted to your business and various useful tools for managing your finances are provided.

It is an individual program at your own pace to customize and delve into your financial issues and fully adapt to your reality and needs, with different coaching, training, and mentoring sessions tailored to your specific situation.

The mentoring sessions allow you to clarify your doubts, review the changes and progress of your finances. The coaching sessions will focus on working on limiting beliefs related to money and the stress it generates. And the training sessions help you learn and enhance all the financial knowledge to optimize your business decisions.

We will record all the sessions so you can review them later.

The Biz.Fillingent Woman program is offered in packs of 6 or 10 sessions, with a duration of 60-90 mins per session. Although it is recommended to complete the sessions within a maximum period of 5 months, you set the pace at which you want to organize your finances. However, each person and each business requires its own time, so the duration of the program is flexible according to your needs and pace.

What are we going to work on?


Analysis of the initial situation

In the first stage of the program, we will review the financial situation of your business. We will define goals and an action plan that will lead you to achieve them. We will also examine beliefs and thoughts related to money that may limit the evolution and growth of your business.

You will engage in a transformative exercise that will provide you with techniques to gain confidence and improve your relationship with money.



Take the feminine pulse of your business

In the second stage of the program, we will calculate and review the most important indicators of your business to closely monitor its evolution and growth. We will review expenses and profits and look for alternatives to improve the financial situation. Throughout the program, you will acquire methods and tools that will help you with financial planning.



Eliminate money stress forever

In the final phase of the program, we will work on tools and techniques to help you find balance between your personal and professional life. You will start freeing yourself from money-related stress by incorporating healthy habits and techniques to change behaviors and attitudes. After all, one always feels more at ease when things are under control.


Why with me and why this program?

Teaching Experience

For over 30 years, I have been working as a university professor. Transmitting knowledge with rigor and academic quality is an essential requirement.

Finance and Coaching training

My interdisciplinary training in finance and coaching brings knowledge and personal work on the relationship with money and behavior patterns that limit you when it comes to improving your financial situation.

Research and Publication

I have been researching and publishing on gender, financial education, and entrepreneurship for over 10 years. The published scientific studies highlight the need to empower women in this field.

Unique and Innovative method

The KABAS@ method is a method I have personally designed, combining my knowledge as a Ph.D. in finance and my experience as a coach. It is an exclusive method that draws inspiration from the criteria of the OECD to empower and permanently equip individuals with financial skills.



10 personalized individual sessions

+ Taxes
  • 10 individual sessions of 60-90 minutes each for coaching, training, or mentoring
  • Customized activities
  • Tools and templates tailored to your business
  • Individual follow-up
  • Free and flexible schedule
  • Adapted to your needs and those of your business
  • Option for installment payments


6 sesiones individuales personalizas

+ Taxes
  • 6 individual sessions of 60-90 minutes each for coaching, training, or mentoring
  • Customized activities
  • Tools and templates tailored to your business
  • Individual follow-up
  • Free and flexible schedule
  • Adapted to your needs and those of your business
  • Option for installment payments

What people say about our program

Quick results in a short period of time. Working with Elisabet has been wonderful. She is amazing, super empathetic, very approachable, and highly knowledgeable in the subject matter..

What I liked the most were the quick and optimal results. I have achieved more than I imagined and in much less time. I have quickly organized my chaotic financial situation, both personally and as a couple. I have changed my perception of money and eliminated fears. The work we have done gives me a lot of security and greatly reduces my stress.

I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to quickly organize their finances and feel at ease.

Irene Esteban

Achieve financial control
of your business

Empower Yourself Financially and Stop Worrying About the Numbers in Your Business