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STOP FINANCIAL STRESS: Discover how your financial personality can affect your economic health and the keys to eliminate financial stress.


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After years of research and experience in finance as a professor and coach, I have created unique programs that will help you empower and train yourself to transform your current financial reality.

Did you know that lack of money is the top cause of stress? 

Personal Finance 360” is program designed to help you unlock your full financial potential with a unique and innovative learning method. The program combines my experience as a university lecturer—explaining finance in a clear and simple way—, my research background in financial literacy, and my expertise as a coach—transforming beliefs and behaviors related to money and finance.

It’s a program aimed at building wealth and achieving your financial independence by enhancing your economic intelligence, financial habits, and mindset.

Watch your money dwindle?

Investing Wisely” is your gateway to unlocking your financial potential. Through this exclusive program, I’ll equip you with the knowledge and strategies to build a diversified investment portfolio, empowering you to make informed financial decisions with ease.

The program combines my academic expertise, research background, and coaching skills to guide you through a journey that will enhance your financial literacy and cultivate a wealth mindset.

A unique program aimed at unleashing your financial power and achieving financial freedom.

I am Elisabet Ruiz-Dotras, a PhD in Finance, professor, coach, and international speaker.

After being involved in the academic field for over 30 years, I felt the need to share my talent differently, in a much more personal manner, and oriented towards the real needs of people.

Driven by a passion to share personal experiences and knowledge, Elisabet.RD strives to consciously empower individuals through innovative and proven programs, employing the exclusive and revolutionary KABAS@ method.

The personal values that guide the direction of my life are honesty, respect, sincerity, justice, commitment, and professionalism.

Media appearances

Published scientific studies reveal a gender gap in financial matters: women generally exhibit lower financial literacy compared to men.

Financial education equips individuals with the tools to achieve financial independence and freedom. Empowerment instils confidence and courage.

Because a society with financially empowered individuals is a more equal and just society.

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