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Live without financial worries. Empower yourself financially!

I am Elisabet Ruiz Dotras, the creator of Elisabet.RD.

Professor, reseracher, coach, and international speaker.

Passionate about continuous learning and personal growth, they have led me to this point in my life where transforming your reality and empowering you financially is my life mission.

Just like you, I have dreamed of not having to worry about money. However, there were always unforeseen events, and I couldn’t achieve financial freedom.

But I developed a method that allowed me to pay off my mortgage in less than half the time and have sufficient income to support a single-parent family.

I know what you're talking about if you tell me that:

If you are a woman and feel stressed about your personal finances or your business finances, I would like to help you achieve peace of mind and financial independence.


Who I am

I am a Doctor (cum laude) in Finance, coach, and speaker. I have been working as a professor and researcher at various national and international universities for about 30 years. I have published several articles and participated in conferences on finance and education. I have developed various books and courses, as well as collaborated on several projects related to the financial sector.

I regularly collaborate with media outlets such as press, radio, television, and social media, disseminating financial and entrepreneurship topics.

During the 2008 financial crisis, I witnessed people close to me losing all their savings. That’s when I realized that if I truly wanted to help people in the financial field, I needed to go further. I began researching financial education and obtained a coaching certification.

This has allowed me to consciously empower individuals by imparting knowledge, establishing healthy habits, and facilitating a mindset shift.

My values

Honesty, respect, sincerity, simplicity, and commitment are the values that govern my life, both personally and professionally. They serve as the compass that guides my decision-making and how I interact with others.

My great desire …

To see women around the world achieve financial freedom and feel empowered is my ultimate goal.

Throughout history, many of our female ancestors lacked economic independence, which greatly affected their lives.

Having financial security provides you with freedom, reduces stress, and enables you to be independent and make your own decisions.

If you’re willing, you can rewrite history. Let me accompany you on your journey towards financial empowerment.

My great challenge…

Reducing the gender gap in the financial and empowerment field is my major challenge. Numerous scientific studies have highlighted a gender disparity when it comes to financial knowledge, with men generally being more informed than women. The reasons behind this gap are not entirely clear, and it cannot be justified by household task specialization alone.

Join me in becoming a financially empowered woman and let’s work together to bridge this gender gap. By empowering ourselves and supporting one another, we can make significant strides towards equality and create a more inclusive financial landscape.

Dedicated to exceptional women like you

After years of research and experience in finance and coaching, I have created these programs that will help you empower yourself and equip you to transform your current reality.


For women who want to improve their personal or family financial situation, who are seeking peace of mind and financial independence.


For small and medium-sized businesses, freelancers, and self-employed individuals who want to take control of their business finances, create a financial plan, and understand the profitability of their products or services.

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